The Foundation

The Identity Company Foundation 

The Foundation is a nonprofit organization management founded in 2014. The organization is dedicated to inspiring and empowering individuals of all classes by spreading motivation, truth, wisdom, freedom, life, and creativity to all genres, markets, and nations. Care is the top priority and concern in our Foundation when it comes to giving back to other organizations alike and vaguely different. We pride ourselves on creativity being a window of opportunity for success at helping others who cannot help themselves or may be harder to reach. Donations and contributors to our Foundation are always welcomed and gratefully appreciated. They are needed to obtain, build, and promote IDENTITY’s needs and our future counterparts. Just like creativity, we pride ourselves on giving substantial credit to all our contributors as well, making their contributions known for a greater cause.  All donations in any monetary amount and in all forms (cash, check/money order, Paypal) are accepted. We accept non-monetary donations as well. All we ask is that all serious potential sponsors, contributors, and donators contact us by email first at: for further contact information. Fundraising activities and events are something that we look forward to hosting and being associated with by other companies as well.

The Identity Company (ID)                                                                                      

“Inspire Dreams”                                                                                                  

“What’s Your Identification”                                                                                     

Philadelphia, PA

Donate to our Fundraiser at:

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