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5 AM In Philly is an unreleased track produced by ID featuring the rap talents of SaN, HDR (High Def Rhymes) rap group member. The ID Production went to work on this one, making sure, SaN’s talents were heard at a great volume for everyone to hear. HDR crew is taking off with something great… a future! A future in the world, making dreams happen for everyone by inspiring and motivating everyone to move along with them and/or make a change in their lives. They’re bringing motivation to everyone through the city streets of Philly in this one! The Philadelphia Phillies, one of the cities’ biggest sports teams and a motivated team none-the-less is heard on this track to coincide with SaN and his goals. San comes off great, regardless of the few vulgar words, explicit phrases mentioned in the song. The bottom line is, San is trying to express that you have to get things done in this world to be successful and he wants the city, as well as the world to know that is exactly what he plans to do!

Listen to the new song at this link: https://theofficialidentity.com/music/id-music/

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Will Humans Survive Another 100 Years ?

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“There could be a super powerful and non polluting energy source awaiting us to unveil, an energy source which could restore Earth, its lost pristine greenery.”- Midhun Antony

Will humans survive another 100 years ?

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Does Earth have a bright future ahead?

I think, Yes. We do have a bright future ahead. I don’t have any proof to underline my statement. It’s just an intuitive answer.

We have a lot of concerns about earth now: Is the planet going to turn into a burning oven because of global warming? Will it choke to death because ofplastic? Are we gonna over populate so much that people start falling off the edges of earth? Or shall we not worry about these all, since they are not gonna happen; at least not in our lifetime.

The truth is, there is a good chance for all these to happen. Stephen Hawkings, considered as one of the most brilliant man living, posed a question to the world;

Will humans survive another 100 years?

Most of the answers were negative or partly negative. I am not going to post all the answers here but one; the most satisfying answer. That came from Mr. Hawkings himself, who said “I don’t know whether we can survive 100 years or not, but I certainly know we can survive every next day”.


Mr. Hawkings is right. We are not sure whether we could survive a 100 more years, but we could certainly think of surviving every next day. But eminent scientist Prof . Frank Fenner is of another opinion. He predicts, human race will probably be extinct in next 100 years. Prof. Fenner’s  prediction could turn out to be right if things go on like this. But things could change dramatically in a century. Our race (modern human) go back to 200,000 years. But all the destruction we brought about on planet Earth was made hardly in the last two centuries. That means, we have made all the destruction to this planet in some 00.001%  time of our history.

What can happen in a century?

The petroleum, which is the main cause of global destruction started to make commercial sense in the outset of last century only. The plane came to scene during the same time. Two World Wars happened, Computers happened, Robots walked;AIDs spread; A dog went to outer space came back dead; Man went to moon and came back live; Telegraph came and went; Mobile phone came and stayed; Electricity, Nuclear power,Cinema, Global warming, TV, Conscious mind – Subconscious mind, Relativity, Gandhi, Einstein, Mandela and many more…..Remember, anything can happen in one century.

It’s hard to say whether last century made life easy or worse. But it was phenomenal. It is the proof to, how incredible man is.

Do we have a bright future ahead?

Yes! I think we have a bright future ahead. I firmly believe that there is more to this place that we haven’t seen. There is lot more to discover in this earth. There could be a super powerful and non polluting energy source awaiting us to unveil, an energy source which could restore Earth, its lost pristine greenery.

What if one fine day,  somebody prying for a lost ship in Barmuda triangle finds out, there is a whole living world under the Atlantic ocean ? I know it is hard to digest. But we can’t deny the existence of anything, simply because it is not discovered yet.

Maybe the next edition of ‘Psychology Today‘ magazine will come out with scientific evidence to the existence of ghosts.  As I mentioned earlier, we can’t deny anything. Anything can happen.

I believe we could reverse Earth back to its lost glory in one century. I believe man will survive, the coming 100 years and the 100 years after that and the next and many more centuries.

-Midhun Antony