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Watch Rihanna’s Reaction to Herself On Tv’s Bates Motel

The singer made her debut as Marion Crane on the show Monday night.

Rihanna made her first appearance on A&E’s Bates Motel last night. The singer plays the iconic role of Marion Crane, the character (originally played by Janet Leigh) whose murder is the central plot point of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, of which the series serves as a prequel.To celebrate the occasion, Rih decided to share a live feed of her viewing experience with a few friends as the episode aired, and it ended up being as entertaining as the episode itself.


While she had a lot of hilarious self-deprecating commentary on her performance, the highlight of her stream came when she was forced to look away while a particularly intimate scene aired. “This is so weird,” she said, shielding her eyes. “Oh my god.”

Check out the clip Rihanna had such a hard time watching below.

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Barney: Just Imagine Song

Barney – Just Imagine Song From Stick With Imagination Episode.

Keyshia Cole & Daniel Gibson Might Join Love And Hip Hop Hollywood

Keyshia Cole and Daniel “Boobie” Gibson joining the cast of Love And Hip Hop Hollywood season 4? Looks like that is what’s about to go down. There were talks of Daniel joining the cast of season 3 but that never happened. I assume he held out for Keyshia’s support. Remy Ma and Keyshia are BFF’s and the rap star was a big influence behind Cole’s decision to join the show. Remy informed Keyshia that the show can help increase her brand and audience.

Keyshia and Daniel are separated and their storyline will follow them as they co-parent wit their seven year old son DJ and continue on with their careers. Daniel is no longer playing basketball and has decided to take a shot at having a rap career. I guess we just have to wait and see if Keyshia confirms the news. Cole isn’t new to reality tv so she knows what to expect after having her own shows on BET for years.

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