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Perioperative Nurse

Why I Want To Be In The OR


My nursing background consists of: Pediatric nursing, Mental Health nursing, Sub-acute/Rehabilitation nursing, and Long-Term Care nursing. Although I have a diverse nursing background, I have always had an interest in the role of the perioperative nurse. The perioperative nurse is part of an integral specialty practice of nursing.

I have completed the Perioperative Nursing Program at Delaware Community College in December 2012 along with the completion of ninety hours of clinical at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital. My clinical experience enabled me to learn and demonstrate the some of the duties and roles of the perioperative nurse.

I believe with my nursing knowledge and background, I can be a strong patient advocate, use proper aseptic techniques to prevent surgical site infections, and am very conscientious, thus, I can assist in preventing wrong site procedure, prevent leaving surgical instruments and equipment in the patient and prevent performing surgery on the wrong patient. I also have strong clinical assessment skills and I can educate patients and families about pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative procedures.

The Gateway to the OR program will allow me to acquire the skills needed to become a very good OR nurse, as well as apply my clinical knowledge to my nursing practice. I desire to learn and practice a new specialty skill in nursing – OR nurse.

Tonita Henderson