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13 Super Inspirational Movie Quotes

Written on: August 7th, 2014

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“You are not your job, you’re not how much money you have in the bank. You are not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You are not your fucking khakis. You are all singing, all dancing crap of the world”

– Tyler Durden, Fight Club

fight-clubTyler Durden is one of the best character played by Brad Pitt. He is the coolest motivational guru ever.


“Why so serious ?”

– Joker, The Dark Knight


Undoubtedly this is the most famous single liner of our generation. Thanks to Heath Ledger for making this villain more attractive than the hero, may his soul rest in peace.


“It’s never too late”

– Lester Burnham, American Beauty


Words can’t be anymore powerful. American Beauty is the story of a typical unhappy middle class family. Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) is a middle aged man who have lost the enthusiasm to life. He is drained of energy because of the boring job and nagging wife. Lester undergoes  a miraculous transformation as the story progresses.


“Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”

– Rocky, Rocky Balboa


Rocky Balboa : 1976 – Today, entertaining the whole world. Rocky have outlived the generations. Rocky series is the journey of a dumb, unsuccessful young man to a wise, super successful world champion. This particular quote from the last edition Rocky series can be called the ‘Spirit of Rocky’. More than the character Rocky, these words are the ‘lesson of a life time’ from the great Sylvester Stallone, whose journey to Hollywood is as thrilling as the movie


“Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”

– Forrest Gump, Forrest Gump


Forrest Gump is an innocent man who traveled through world history, without realizing it. He protested with Martin Luther King, talked with John Lennon, dined with Presidents, fought Vietnam war, triggered Watergate scandal and many more. But none of these touched his heart. His mind was occupied with only one thing, Jenny; his sweet heart.


“Do or do not. There is no try.”

– Yodha, Star Wars


George Lukas’ Star Wars redefined the imaginative limits of a generation. No movie quote list will be complete without this quote from Master Yoda.


“I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living or get busy dying.”

-Andy Dufrense,The Shawshank Redemtion


Shawshank Redemption is the story of Andy Dufrense (Tim Robbins), who spent 19 years in the prison for a crime which he didn’t commit. The movie had a poor box office opening, but after its TV premiere the movie received a cult following. This is one of the best  ‘prison break’ movie ever.


“Hey. Don’t ever let somebody tell you ‘You can’t do something’. Not even me. All right?”

– Chris Gardner, The Pursuit of Happyness


Chris Gardner (Will smith) and his son Christopher Gardner Jr. (Jaden Smith) have captivated the minds of movie goers around the world. Chris is an unsuccessful salesman trying to get into the posh world of stock market. He is homeless and a single parent. But what stands apart is his will to fight.


“Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.”

– Anton Ego, Ratatouille


Ratatouille is the story of a rat (Remy), who dreamed of becoming a master chef. Story takes place in Paris. Remy was awestruck by he ability   of humans to mix food and create great dishes. Nobody from his clan shared his passion, so he got expelled from his group. Despite that he realize his dream with the help of a young man Alfredo Linguini.


“If I, King Julien, that’s my name, only have two days left to live, I would do all the things I’ve ever dreamed of doing.  I would love to become a professional whistler. I’m pretty amazing at it now, but I want to get like even better, and make my living out of it.”

– King Julien, Madagascar


King Julien : The coolest guy in animated world. This sounds silly in the movie, but the message is wonderful when read.


“When you have to shoot, shoot; don’t talk.”

– Tuco, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Tuco is the Ugly  in the movie. Tuco, is a guy who minds his own business. I mean, he minds only his own business. Tuco say this, after shooting the person who almost killed him. The message is clear, ‘just do your job.’


“Who ever saves one life, saves the world entire.”

– Schindler, Schindler’s List


Schindler’s List is a biographical movie by Spielberg. It tells the story of Mr. Schindler, who risked his life to save many Jews during WW2. It won Spielberg the Oscar for Best Director.


“Life is not the amount of breaths you take, its the moments that take your breath away.”

-Hitch, Hitch


This is his life principle of Hitch, the dating guru.


“There is no secret ingredient. For something to be special, you just have to believe it is special.”

– Mr.Ping, Kung Fu panda


Mr.Ping, father of Po the Panda,  makes the best noodles in the place. People say he have got a secret recipe. At last Mr. Ping reveal his secret recipe to his son Po.



Charlie Murphy Dies At Age 57

Charlie Murphy, comedian and “Chappelle’s Show” star, has died at age 57. 

Charlie Murphy, the older brother of Eddie Murphy, a Chappelle’s Show star and an accomplished comedian in his own right, died Wednesday in New York City. He was 57. Murphy’s publicist confirmed the comedian’s death to Rolling Stone, adding that the cause of death was leukemia.

“We just lost one of the funniest most real brothers of all time. Charlie Murphy RIP,” Chris Rock, Murphy’s CB4 co-star, tweeted.

After making his big screen debut in 1989’s Harlem Nights, directed by his younger brother Eddie, and appearing in bit roles in Spike Lee films like Mo’ Better Blues and Jungle Fever, Murphy’s big break came as a cast member on Chappelle’s Show, where “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories” resulted in a pair of that series’ most memorable sketches.

Both sketches featured Murphy reminiscing about he and Eddie’s celebrity encounters in the Eighties, with Dave Chappelle portraying Rick James and Prince in the now-legendary sketches.

Charlie Murphy also co-wrote Vampire in Brooklyn, another film directed by Eddie, as well as 2007’s Norbit. Murphy also appeared in 1998’s The Player’s Club, directed by Ice Cube. The rapper paid tribute to Murphy on Twitter Wednesday, “Damn, sorry to hear about my friend Charlie Murphy. He took a chance on a young director in The Player’s Club. Always made me laugh. RIP.”

Growing up in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn, Charlie often stuck up for his younger brother, defending Eddie. That guardian role made Charlie a natural to serve as Eddie’s security guard as the comedian quickly ascended to stardom.

Due to Charlie’s propensity toward overreacting while guarding his brother – “Whoever say something, I almost gave this old man a heart attack on a plane because he asked us if we were a basketball team. I took that personally,” Murphy said in a Chappelle’s Show outtake – forced Murphy to embark on his own career.

One night at an Eddie Murphy stand-up performance, Charlie went after the one heckler “who tried to squeeze the lemon.” “I took it as a personal crusade until they were like ‘You’re a little overzealous in how you’re performing your job.’ So that’s how I ended up not doing [security] anymore,” Murphy said.

In 2016, Murphy took part in the Comedy Get Down tour alongside Cedric The Entertainer, Eddie Griffin, D.L. Hughley and George Lopez. His recent credits include voice roles in the animated series Black Dynamite and Black Jesus and an appearance in the 2016 film Meet the Blacks.

In 2009, Tisha Taylor Murphy, Murphy’s wife of 12 years, died following her own battle with cervical cancer.

“Tisha Taylor Murphy, wife of comedian and actor Charlie Murphy, passed away peacefully on Sunday with family at her side after facing the challenges of cancer for the past two years,” Murphy’s publicist said in a statement at the time. “The Murphy Family appreciates all of the support they have received from friends and fans and requests privacy during this very difficult time.”

In a Facebook message posted Tuesday night, Murphy wrote, “One to Sleep On: Release the past to rest as deeply as possible.”

Direct Source: RollingStone

Police Drag Woman Off Delta Flight

A woman who was dragged off a Delta Air Lines flight by Detroit Metro Airport police on Monday had ignored boarding procedures and may face criminal charges, according to airport authorities.

A YouTube video uploaded by travel blogger René deLambert, shows officers gathering around the unidentified woman, then physically pulling her off the morning flight from Detroit to San Diego, California. One officer drags the woman, who appears silent and limp, down the aisle by her arms.

The short video doesn’t show what occurred before authorities intervened. At a few points, other passengers can be heard laughing and exclaiming, “Oh my gosh” and, “That’s crazy” in seeming surprise.

Airport police officers got involved after Delta requested assistance with a passenger “who would not comply with boarding and baggage check procedures” at the gate, according to a statement sent to The Huffington Post by airport spokesman Brian Lassaline.

“When officers arrived, Delta Air Lines stated the woman could not remain on board,” Lassaline wrote. “Despite repeated requests by officers, the woman refused to leave the aircraft and had to be removed.” The woman was arrested and charges are pending, according to Lassaline. He wouldn’t elaborate, citing company policy to not discuss individual passenger information.

DeLambert said he received the video, which he called “rather disturbing,” from an unnamed passenger on the flight. It has since gone viral, receiving more than 500,000 views since Monday.

The passenger told deLambert that the woman boarded the plane without checking in at the gate. According to the bystander, she “blew by gate agent and didn’t check in because she wasn’t an early boarder and deserved overhead bin space.” The passenger also claimed the woman was “mouthy and had a huge attitude.”

In the video, passengers can be heard suggesting police may have used a taser to subdue the woman. Airport authorities did not confirm a taser was used.
Delta told The San Diego Union-Tribune in a statement that the flight took off after “a slight departure delay.”


Another viral video recorded on a Delta flight last month put the airline under scrutiny for its handling of a disruptive passenger. A man on a Nov. 22 flight from Atlanta to Allentown, Pennsylvania, repeatedly shouted at other passengers about President-elect Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton before departure.

“Donald Trump, baby! We got some Hillary bitches on here?” the man says in a video recorded by the woman sitting next to him.

He was briefly removed from his seat, but was then allowed to fly, according to The New York Times. Delta later apologized and said the man shouldn’t have been allowed to continue on the flight. In a follow-up memo to employees, Delta CEO Ed Bastian said the man would be banned from the airline, and other passengers on the flight would receive refunds for their tickets.

“The heightened tension in our society means that now more than ever we must require civility on our planes and in our facilities,” Bastian wrote in the Nov. 28 memo.

On Twitter, some people criticized Delta’s treatment of the woman on the Detroit flight and compared it to the airline’s handling of the disruptive Trump supporter.

The airline also came under fire in October, when a black physician claimed she endured “blatant discrimination” from Delta staff. Dr. Tamika Cross, an OB-GYN on a flight from Detroit to Minneapolis, complained on Facebook that she tried to respond to a request for medical assistance for a passenger, but a flight attendant wouldn’t believe she was a doctor. A white man who responded to the request after her was allowed to help with no similar suspicion, Cross said.

Delta said at the time that the company was “troubled by any accusations of discrimination” and was investigating.

{VIDEO} Wale – Fashion Week Ft. G-Eazy

{VIDEO} A$AP Rocky – Fashion Killa

{LISTEN} Wale – Fashion Week Ft. G-Eazy


{LISTEN} A$AP Rocky – Fashion Killa


Views (On Life. From MY Perspective.)

Jin Shakur via The Identity Co

All vlogs are for discussion/self-thought, to find enlightenment (smartness) in controversial issues (dumbness). If you don’t know words, you should look them up or ask someone.

{VIDEO} Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE


Colin Kaepernick Still Unsigned, NFL Players Blast League For Not Signing Him

Partial Source: All Black Media, Bleacher Report

With the NFL preseason fast approaching, some players are beginning to question why free agent Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned.

Malcolm Jenkins and Torrey Smith of the Philadelphia Eagles posted a series of Tweets on Tuesday calling out the league’s general managers for allegedly blackballing Kaepernick. “Hhhhmmmmm… @nfl GM’s you can try to act like talent is the reason @Kaepernick7 isn’t employed …but we know the real reason, Jenkins said.

Smith echoed a similar sentiment saying, “Colin Kaepernick is not currently employed. However, his skill set vastly exceeds others who were on the market.”

Teams who entered the offseason in need of a quarterback have continued to sign third-stringers with a far less impressive career stat sheet than Kaepernick. The New York Giants picked up former Jets draftee Geno Smith, the Oakland Raiders signed Bills backup E.J. Manuel, and the Jets inked a deal with veteran Josh McCown.

According to a story by Bleacher Report, conservative team owners and GM’s may be “punishing” Kaep for his national anthem protests last year. Kaepernick’s taking a knee during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” was one of the biggest stories not just in sports but across the country.

However, many claim the lack of interest is due to the decline of his performance over the past two to three seasons.

Remember, this is a quarterback who played in the Super Bowl only four years ago, yet now it appears he can’t get a look from teams. So what do teams think of the 29-year-old former Niner.

“He can still play at a high level,” one AFC general manager said. “The problem is three things are happening with him.

“First, some teams genuinely believe that he can’t play. They think he’s shot. I’d put that number around 20 percent.

“Second, some teams fear the backlash from fans after getting him. They think there might be protests or [President Donald] Trump will tweet about the team. I’d say that number is around 10 percent. Then there’s another 10 percent that has a mix of those feelings.

“Third, the rest genuinely hate him and can’t stand what he did [kneeling for the national anthem]. They want nothing to do with him. They won’t move on. They think showing no interest is a form of punishment. I think some teams also want to use Kaepernick as a cautionary tale to stop other players in the future from doing what he did.”

At the combine a few weeks ago, one even called him “an embarrassment to football.”

For the moment, the interest in Kaepernick is slim, and that’s putting it kindly.

It’s possible teams are waiting for the right time to make their play for him. That’s sometimes how it works in free agency. Weeks or months will go by with little interest in a player and then, boom, it all heats up at once.


Despite being unemployed, Kaepernick has continued his vow to help aid communities in need by donating $1 million to various organizations.

According to Ian Rapoport, the next round of $100,000 will be split evenly between Meals on Wheels America and Love Army for Somalia, a social media campaign that’s trying to raise $2 million for food and water for starving people in Somalia. Kaep’s latest donation to Meals on Wheels comes amidst reports that Donald Trump’s first budget as president will include cuts to grant programs that help fund the organization.

Since he began his social justice campaign last year, Kaepernick has donated an estimated $500,000 to various charities and community groups.

Kaepernick is showing great fortune. Hopefully, someone will pick him up.

{TRAILER} Deuces

Starring Larenz Tate, Rick Gonzalez, Rotimi, Lance Gross, and Meagan Good. On Netflix.

{LISTEN} Smino, Upcoming Artist From Missouri, New Album, “Blkswn”

Babysitter Takes K-2 & Alcohol, Attempts to Eat Baby

Daytona Beach, FL | Two Florida parents were horrified to discover their babysitter had turned into a K-2-smoking cannibal when they found the remains of their three-month-old child cooked in the microwave.

Direct Source: BadCriminals

After a night out at the movies, the young parents came back home to find a confused babysitter under the influence of alcohol and K-2 who had lost consciousness and was covered in blood in the family’s living room.

Moments later, they made the gruesome discovery when the mother saw something moving behind the microwave door.
“Only a few hits”

Anna Krutchiev, the 16-year-old babysitter, claims she had brought some K-2 and only took a few hits before she became exceedingly hungry and eventually lost consciousness.

“I just took a few tokes because I was bored and wanted to stay awake,” she told Officer Johnson. “All I remember is that I started getting really hungry, ate some chicken wings and passed out” recalls the police officer, visibly traumatized by the latest events.

Covered in barbecue sauce

The 3-month-old child was found in the microwave, covered in barbecue sauce, and was rushed to Mercy Hospital where doctors do not fear for his life.

“It appears she tried to cook him in the microwave oven but apparently she was unable to do so, and was probably disoriented and lost consciousness moments later,” explained Sheriff deputy James Anderson of the Daytona Beach County Police Department. “Teeth marks were found on the baby’s arms and legs but luckily he is unharmed” he acknowledged, visibly distraught by the whole affair.

The state of Florida has led, for more than a 2 years, the nation in K-2 busts. A recent 2015 state-wide study revealed that more than 30% of adults aged 21 and higher have tried K-2 at least once and close to 50% of respondents believed K-2 should be decriminalized .

Girls Missing in D.C.


Partial Source: CNN

Two months ago, the Washington Metropolitan Police Department’s new commander, Chanel Dickerson, made a pledge: Let’s find our missing girls.

Now, as the department posts profiles of missing black and Latina girls on its Twitter feed almost daily, members of the Congressional Black Caucus are calling for a federal investigation.
In a letter Tuesday, the lawmakers asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director James Comey to “devote the resources necessary to determine whether these developments are an anomaly, or whether they are indicative of an underlying trend that must be addressed.”
“(W)hen children of color go missing, authorities often assume they are runaways rather than victims of abduction,” they added.
Sessions was briefed on the issue Friday, Justice Department spokesperson Sarah Isgur Flores said.
“The Attorney General is aware of the reports and is looking into the issue,” she said.
The FBI declined to comment on the matter.
Although Dickerson, who heads the department’s Youth and Family Division, said Friday, that the number of missing girls is decreasing, an outcry on social media has drawn increased attention to the issue this month and triggered the calls for federal law enforcement officials to investigate.
The Metropolitan Police Department recorded 501 cases of missing children so far in 2017, and said 22 cases were open as of Wednesday.
“We have received a lot of media attention and a lot of concern from the public because of the number of releases,” Dickerson said at a news conference on Friday. “There have been concerns that young girls in the District of Columbia are victims of human trafficking or have been kidnapped, or that there’s an increase in the number” who have gone missing.
“And I say this without minimizing the number of missing persons in DC — because one missing person is one person too many — but there’s actually been a decrease,” she added. “There is always a concern of human trafficking, but we have no evidence for this.”
Annual statistics show cases of missing children have remained relatively steady in Washington over the past several years — with 2,222 cases in 2014, 2,433 in 2015 and 2,242 in 2016.
CNN has requested a monthly breakdown of these figures to see how the 2017 numbers compare, but the Metropolitan Police Department did not immediately return requests for comment on those specific figures.
Still, numbers alone do not tell the entire story, DC City Councilmember Trayon White told HLN’s Michaela Pereira in an interview Friday.
“What the community is alarmed about — we had a 10-year-old girl missing the other day, but there was no amber alert,” White said. “We just feel like, you know, if this was a white person or from another neighborhood, there would be more alarm about it.”
“(A)ny time you have a 10-year-old missing for any amount of hours and no one knows where he or she is, that is rules for immediate attention; that’s an alert that needs to be sent out,” White added. “Because the more time that goes past, the less likely we are to find him or her.”
Numbers and Amber Alerts aside, Robert Lowery, a vice president at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, said he is grateful an important conversation about missing children is happening.
“I think the narrative is good,” Lowery said. “The more the public becomes aware of this issue of missing children, the more lives that can be protected and potentially even saved.”
While Lowery said the number of child abductions is down across the country, the level of runaway cases seen in DC and other major cities is particularly disturbing.
“Our frustration is, we deal with a very desensitized public,” Lowery said. “The natural inclination (about a runaway) is the child’s behavioral problem is why they’ve left. We also see significant numbers of runway children who are running away from a situation, whether it’s abuse or neglect or sexual abuse in the home. These children face unique risks when they’re gone so we applaud the conversation and we applaud the attention that this issue is being given.”

Tinashe, “Flame”

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A Black, Muslim Boy, is Found Hung From A Tree


Partial Source: Chicago Monitor, Herald Net, Kuow,

March 3rd, 2017

In late November, young Ben Keita went missing from his home in Lake Stevens, Washington, a small town an hour north of Seattle. “This kid vanished,” a detective told the local newspaper at the time. He was eighteen years old, he had left behind his car, his wallet and cell phone.

He stopped going to school a few weeks before his disappearance.

For more than a month, search and rescue crews combed through the forests near Keita’s home, and the local police department scoured surveillance footage of the city.

Ben Keita was black. He was Muslim. And in January 2017, his body was found hanging from a tree, suspended eight feet– claim-  from the ground.

“He was planning to graduate this year from Lake Stevens High School,” Keita’s father Ibrahim told KUOW. “He was dreaming of becoming a medical doctor and work as a medical examiner. Now those dreams are over.”

Ben Keita’s body was found in the woods near the neighborhood.

Keita’s death was initially ruled a suicide by the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office. Keita’s family maintains that Ben had no history of mental health issues, depression, or anxiety. A few weeks after its initial report, the Medical Examiner’s Office changed the classification of Keita’s death to “undetermined.” Mind you, he was being hung with a rope eight feet- claim- from the ground, and despite the United States’ legacy of lynching of Black people from trees by the same white supremacist groups that are feeling emboldened today. 

In a Trump world, one in which countless mosques have been burned down, Jewish cemeteries vandalized, and immigrants carry fear in their hearts every day, it takes little imagination to connect the dots and imagine what could possibly cause the death of a young Black, Muslim teen.

Keita’s parents participated in a press conference Tuesday.

Lab reports are being awaited.

“To be clear we don’t know what happened but we want a comprehensive investigation into his death,” Arsalan Bukhari, the executive director of CAIR-Washington, told BuzzFeed News on Thursday. “This is the death of an African-American Muslim male teenager, and historically, we have had deaths in this manner to minorities that were not self inflicted — it had been inflicted by others.”

In the era between the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement, thousands of African-American men and women were lynched by white mobs solely because of the color of their skin. “Lynchings were violent and public acts of torture that traumatized black people throughout the country and were largely tolerated by state and federal officials,” according to a report from the Equal Justice Initiative, a Montgomery-based racial justice organization. Tellingly, for example, the Senate never passed any version of the 200 anti-lynching bills introduced at the height of the racial nadir. 

“These lynchings were terrorism,” the report states. Along with Jim Crow laws, they were a tool of reinforcing white supremacy in a time of supposed racial progress marked by the passage of the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth amendments to the Constitution.

Keita’s parents, with support from CAIR-Washington, have asked the FBI to further investigate the circumstances of their son’s death, and asks the public to come forth with any information they might have.

We do not know why Ben Keita went missing more than three months ago, and we don’t know why this happened.

We do know that the circumstances of Keita’s death invoke the memory of a long history of racial violence — a history that we might be able to forget most days, but one that resurfaces in the face of our collective amnesia.

In recent weeks, we’ve already seen our president engage in what could be selective grievance. President Trump and his administration are quick to mourn the victims of brown Muslims — hours after the news broke of an attack in front of the Louvre in Paris, the president tweeted about a “radical Islamic terrorist,” urging the United States to “get smart” on its immigration policy, in loud, capital letters.

Yet Trump’s reaction to the murders of six Muslims in a Canadian mosque at the hands of a white supremacist speaks to us through the smoke screen. The shooter is reported to have been a fan of the president and his far-right policies.

Where were Trump’s trademark, caps-lock heavy tweets condemning this violence? Nowhere to be found.

And his silence on the murder of Srinivas Kuchibhotla, an Indian man killed at the hands of a white supremacist “Get out my country,” the shooter in a Kansas bar yelled at Kuchibhotla and his friend– men he mistook for being Iranian.


The violence has to stop.

Rest in Power, Ben Keita.

Four Mosques Burned Down

Partial Source: Teen Vogue, BuzzFeed News

March 1st, 2017; 2:39PM Eastern Standard Time

In the past seven weeks, four mosques across the country have caught fire, according to BuzzFeed News. Three of those fires have been ruled arson, authorities stated.

On Jan. 7, the Islamic Center of Lake Travis in Austin, which had been under construction, caught on fire. A week later, on Jan. 14, the Islamic Center of Eastside in Bellevue, Washington, burned.

Two weeks after that, on Jan. 28, several hours after President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries, a fire destroyed the Islamic Center of Victoria in Texas.

According to BuzzFeed News, the Daarus Salaam Mosque near Tampa, Florida, caught on fire this past Friday, marking the fourth mosque in to go up in flames in fewer than two months. Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center, said he’s never seen anything like this, calling them part of a series of “dramatic attacks” against Muslims.

In 2015, there was a surge in hate crimes (against Muslims – one woman at San Diego State University and another at San Jose University), according to FBI data, as well as a recent surge in anti-Muslim groups, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC attributed the anti-Muslim group increase partly to Donald Trump’s “incendiary rhetoric.” In addition to these mosque fires and other attacks against Muslims, threats have recently been rolling in to Jewish community centers, and Jewish cemeteries have been defaced, as reported by multiple outlets.

“Donald Trump’s campaign and victory has emboldened people on the radical right or people who simply hate certain minority groups to act,” Mark told BuzzFeed News. “They feel that their views have been legitimized by the man who is president of the United States.”

At the same time, communities targeted by these hate crimes have also seen support. When the mosque in Victoria, Texas, burned down, Christians and Jews from the area came together to support the Muslim community and give them a place to pray.

“Look at Victoria and learn the lesson… as to how people can come together as one human family,” M.J. Khan, president of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston, said at the time, the Victoria Advocate reported.

Still, some people think that these incidents call for more vigilance.

“There are a lot more people who are in support of us building this back again than people who oppose us, but it takes one crazy guy to do something,” Shakeel Rashed, an executive board member of the Islamic Center of Lake Travis, told the Texas Tribune after his mosque burned down. “Everybody believes we need to be more vigilant. When we start reconstruction, we definitely want to plan the security of the place better, have more cameras.”


Diddy Former Bodyguard Tells What Happened With B.I.G. Being Murdered





Future, “HNDRXX”


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Rick Ross, “Rather You Than Me”


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The-Dream, “Genesis”


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Watch Rihanna’s Reaction to Herself On Tv’s Bates Motel

The singer made her debut as Marion Crane on the show Monday night.

Rihanna made her first appearance on A&E’s Bates Motel last night. The singer plays the iconic role of Marion Crane, the character (originally played by Janet Leigh) whose murder is the central plot point of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, of which the series serves as a prequel.To celebrate the occasion, Rih decided to share a live feed of her viewing experience with a few friends as the episode aired, and it ended up being as entertaining as the episode itself.


While she had a lot of hilarious self-deprecating commentary on her performance, the highlight of her stream came when she was forced to look away while a particularly intimate scene aired. “This is so weird,” she said, shielding her eyes. “Oh my god.”

Check out the clip Rihanna had such a hard time watching below.

Direct Source:

Drake, “More Life”

Drake’s new album, “More Life”. Listen to a preview of the album below. Login/Sign Up with Spotify to hear the whole album.


The Game Comes at Nicki



The Game has been buttering Nicki up on Instagram.

First he openly lusted over a photographic thirst trap.

He was a little more subtle when liking the victory dance video Nicki performed last night after passing Aretha Franklin for the most Hot 100 hits by a female artist.


Partial Source: