Scott Storch Eating Weed


Scott Storch has a history with drugs.

A little weed isn’t a big deal.

However, he did manage to make his recent consumption of cannabis noteworthy with the help of Miami rapper Zoey Dollaz.


I told @scottstorchofficial I don't smoke but I eat weed tho 🤷🏾‍♂️ #BlackElvis 🤙🏿🖤

A post shared by Zoey Dollaz 🇭🇹 (@zoeydollaz) on

“We ’bout to blow it down one time. But where I’m from, we don’t smoke weed we eat it,” Zoey claims

“We eat weed ’round this motherfucker,” Storch confirms, and then chows down like he’s eating candy.

Partial Source/Originally Reported by HipHopEarly x

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