5 AM In Philly is an unreleased track produced by ID featuring the rap talents of SaN, HDR (High Def Rhymes) rap group member. The ID Production went to work on this one, making sure, SaN’s talents were heard at a great volume for everyone to hear. HDR crew is taking off with something great… a future! A future in the world, making dreams happen for everyone by inspiring and motivating everyone to move along with them and/or make a change in their lives. They’re bringing motivation to everyone through the city streets of Philly in this one! The Philadelphia Phillies, one of the cities’ biggest sports teams and a motivated team none-the-less is heard on this track to coincide with SaN and his goals. San comes off great, regardless of the few vulgar words, explicit phrases mentioned in the song. The bottom line is, San is trying to express that you have to get things done in this world to be successful and he wants the city, as well as the world to know that is exactly what he plans to do!

Listen to the new song at this link: https://theofficialidentity.com/music/id-music/

IDENTITY EMBLEM (Clean Cut) logo size

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